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Outsourcing Flash

Macromedia Flash MX is a version of the Macromedia Flash development environment, which ushers in a new generation of rich Internet content and applications. Macromedia Flash is the leading technology for online branding and advertising. Macromedia Flash MX expands the possibilities for effective branding and communications to the widest possible audience. With support for video, application components, and accessibility, this milestone product enables the creation of expressive online content and applications.

Flash MX unites designers and developers who can build on their existing knowledge to deliver more effective, rich Internet applications. Flash MX applications provide amazing user experiences across everything from mobile phones, PDAs, interactive TV systems, game machines, Internet appliances, web pads, and in-room hotel entertainment systems.

Flash MX meets the needs of both designers and developers to deliver rich Internet content and applications that can be experienced consistently across all leading platforms and devices. The product simplifies the process of visual authoring for traditional web developers who want to use a rich client technology for their applications. Video support enables developers to deliver a better overall user experience by bringing and adding interactivity to video clips within the overall Macromedia Flash content. Video content in Macromedia Flash allows designers to maintain control of the look and feel of their applications, unlike other video options which require external players to be launched and have platform inconsistencies.

Macromedia Flash MX enhances the authoring workflow with a flexible workspace that can be customized to maximize productivity for both designers and developers. Pre-built user interface components accelerate development by providing users with customizable scrollbars, list boxes, and other standard interface elements to ensure a common experience across applications. Macromedia Flash MX also supports industry standards such as ECMAScript, HTML, MP3, Unicode, and XML.

Macromedia Flash content can also be tracked using industry standard methodology to enable ad agencies and their clients to measure the impact of an ad campaign.

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